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Willem Schreuder willem at prinmath.com
Thu Dec 27 00:21:45 EST 2018

On Wed, 26 Dec 2018, David McGough wrote:

> So, what happens if a supposed copyright owner shows up 10 years from now
> and says:  "That code or function (or whatever) was never GPL2 and should
> never have been released!" ---and they have reasonable proof?

I'm not sure I understand the argument.

Are you saying that it is not appropriate to share the source, because you 
are not sure that the it is covered under the GPL?  In that case, are you 
not opening yourself to greater liability by continuing to modify and use 
it, if you are not sure whether it is covered by the GPL or not.

The whole point of the GPL is that once the code is released under the GPL 
that there is an explicit grant to EVERYBODY to do with the code as they 
see fit, the only restriction being that you must continue to share the 

It seems to me that if you comply with the GPL, you have a reasonable 
argument that you acted in good faith and you can claim innocent 
infingement, regardless of who the original copyright holder is.

If on the other hand it is true that the GPL does not apply, you are quite 
right to worry about modifying and redistributing the code.

I apologize if I misundertood your argument, but I am not following.

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