[App_rpt-users] K0HYT Remote base

m at palmers-family.com m at palmers-family.com
Sat Dec 29 14:55:09 EST 2018

  Hello everyone. After a couple years of playing with AllStar on RPI I
have finally dove into my remote base setup. I am using a Pi3 with a
IC706MKIIG, Prolific USB adapter (known working). When I add the
radio=ic706 line and restart Asterisk I notice the heartbeat led locks
solid and asterisk crashes when I connect to 1999. If I comment out that
one line it works fine. I have set permissions to /dev/USB0. Any ideas?
I have attached a PDF with my screenshots and node stanza. 

Thanks in advance for any help. 

Rpi 3 Arch 


Hamvoip V 1.4rc5-14 

Asterisk 1.3.23.pre.hamvoip-CV1.5.3-48-app_rpt-0.327-11
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