[App_rpt-users] AllStarLink for the BeagleBoard-xM

Michael Wolthuis wolthuis at gmail.com
Mon Jan 1 12:14:20 EST 2018

Anyone else try this on an 8GB card and get told it is too small?  I am going to try and find a 16GB card next.

´╗┐On 12/31/17, 12:54 PM, "App_rpt-users on behalf of Steve Zingman" <app_rpt-users-bounces at lists.allstarlink.org on behalf of szingman at msgstor.com> wrote:

    When the first versions of AllStarLink on Debian were created, one 
    existing version was left out. That version was for the BeagleBoard-xM. 
    The BBxM has a daughter board called the LOX for I/O to 2 radios. In my 
    conversations with Jim, he really liked the Beagle and LOX combination. 
    Or was it bagels and lox? I was never quite sure. Jim wanted me to make 
    sure I continued to support the BBxM/LOX. We had existing users and they 
    should not be left out in the cold. I agreed.
    I had problems making it work the way we wanted it, so it got shelved. I 
    did not want to forget, so it I kept it very visible on the shelf. I 
    could not help but see it. Something of a thorn in my side. I do not 
    know how many users are out there. I do not know if the BBxM is still 
    available. I do not know if DMK is still selling LOX board. But, a 
    promise is a promise so here we go.
    I have built a proof of concept image for the BBxM. The image is built 
    with Debian Stretch. The image requires a 8GB or larger SD card (for now)
    The login is repeater
    The password is allstarlink
    These are the things I still need to do:
    Build the image with apt-get install rather then building from source. 
    You will then be able to do a apt-get upgrade and get the most current 
    AllStarLink programs and upgraded Debian Stretch programs.
    Shrink the image so it will copy to a smaller SD card and then fill the 
    root partition to fit the available space on the card.
    Regenerate the ssh keys on first boot.
    Set the user repeater to allow login with the password of allstarlink 
    the first time then force setting a new password.
    Tweak the beagle.conf settings so a first time user (are there any?) 
    will be able to make carrier access work and not get bit by the CTCSS 
    This image assumes you can edit config files in /etc/asterisk.
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