[App_rpt-users] Remote already in this mode message

Chuck Kraly ckraly at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 10:44:39 EST 2018

The offending hub we were connected to- the owner told me to turn off
telemetry on OUR node to eliminate it. I did not feel that should be done
so we no longer connect to that hub- which is unfortunate because it is a
major hub, but the hub owner does not have to hear the gripes form the
users- so we just fly solo

On Thu, Jan 4, 2018 at 9:42 AM, Jon Rorke <jrorke at cogeco.ca> wrote:

> Chuck is correct. We have a weekly net on one of our hubs and there is one
> node that connects to the hub for the net. It is attempting to reconnect
> every 5 or 10 minutes.
> On most of the nodes that connect for the net we have set up the telemetry
> for "timed telemetry"  in the rpt.conf file.
> telemdefault=2            ; timed local telemetry
> This turns off the connection announcements during the net unless you
> issue a command locally then the telemetry is enabled for about 5 minutes
> then goes silent.
> But not all of the nodes have this setting so those nodes will spew out
> the "remote already in this mode" messages.
> It is very annoying. Unfortunately the telemetry setting is not the fix
> but a band aid solution.
> In our case we know the offending node # but cant get a hold of the owner
> to tell then to fix it.
> And on top of that they are connecting with a persistent connection to the
> hub so we can t dump them at our end.
> I dont know what the problem with their node is unless they are running
> some sort of script or cron job that does the reconnection instead of the
> normal ilink commands for persistent connection.
> In the functions stanza:
> 91=ilink,13            ; establish perm link to xxxx
> 92=ilink,11            ; disconnect perm link xxxx
> So instead of using *3(NODE) to connect you would use *91(NODE) or
> *92(NODE ) to disconnect a persistent link.
> *1(NODE) will not disconnect a persistent link, must use the *92 in that
> case.
> If the perm connections are done using this method then there should be no
> reconnection messages sent to all the other connected nodes. The node will
> attempt to reconnect silently to keep a persistent connection.
> hope this helps.
> Jon VA3RQ
> On 1/4/2018 10:10 AM, Chuck Kraly wrote:
> That is the telemetry message and indicates that auto-connect or
> re-connect is on SOMEWHERE on your connections. It is annoying as heck if
> you do not have control over the node that is spewing it, and you have no
> control over it. A hub we used to connect to did this all the time and
> cannot re-connect due to this....our users screamed about the messages...
> Chuck K0XM
> On Thu, Jan 4, 2018 at 9:06 AM, Bryan Taylor <overnite at me.com> wrote:
>> Hopefully a quick question,
>> For a few days now I have one allstar node playing the “remote already in
>> this mode” message about every  10 minutes. Anybody have any idea as to
>> what could be causing it or where I could look to see what is causing it?
>> It never did it before. I did add a new node to the network a few days ago
>> but I did add the new node to it’s nodes stanza. It only connects to a hub
>> node directly.
>> There is nothing in the log files that points to anything.
>> Google doesn’t find anything helpful either.
>> Thanks
>> Bryan
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