[App_rpt-users] Total list of all Allstar commands

Nate Hardman nhardman1428 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 09:06:38 EST 2018

in rpt.conf, (cut and paste ) the [functions] stanza to a seperate file
labeled commands.include then delete or comment out all the commands in the
stanza and replace with this line "#include commands.include"   THEN put
all the commands YOU want above and beyond what is required to be standard
across everyones nodes 1-5 ilink etc. in the commands.include file.  Use
(winSCP) to copy the commands.include file to all your nodes and edit each
nodes rpt.conf stanza to have the line in [functions] be   #include
commands.include.   For each new system you just you build just add YOUR
commands.include file and it will have all the same commands as the

from my rpt.conf
outstreamcmd=/bin/sh,-c,/usr/bin/lame --preset cbr 16 -r -m m -s 8
--bitwidth 16 - - 2> /tmp/stream.status | /usr/bin/ezstream -qvc

#include commands.include
#include /etc/asterisk/local/localcmds.include


and a copy of a generic commands.include file for you to cut and paste if
you wish.

root at N8THN:/etc/asterisk# cat commands.include

;Command common acrossed all nodes
;single digit public commands

1=ilink,1 ; Disconnect Link
2=ilink,2 ; Connect Link MOnitor Only
3=ilink,3 ; Connect Link Transieve
4=ilink,4 ; Enter Command Mode on another Node
5=macro,1 ; Macro Prefix
6=autopatchup,noct=1,farenddisconnect=1,dialtime=20000  ; Autopatch up

;double digit public commands
70=ilink,5  ; System Status
71=ilink,6  ; Disconnect all Links
72=ilink,7  ; Play Last Node to Key Up
73=ilink,15 ; FULL system Status - all nodes
74=ilink,16 ; Reconnect disconnected links disconnected with disconnect all
links command
75=ilink,8  ; Connect Link LOCAL monitor only
80=status,11 ;Force ID LOCAL ONLY
81=status,12 ; GIve Time of Day LOCAL ONLY
82=status,3  ; Give Software Verison
83=status,5  ; Last DTMF User
84=cop,32    ; DTMF TEST
88=cop,55    ;Parrot Once if parrot mode is disabled
Command Processing
99=cop,6  ; ptt phone mode

; Triple digit control operator /owner codes
900=cop,3    ;disable system
901=cop,2    ;enable system
903=cop,1    ;System warm boot
904=cop,4    ;Test Tone On/Off
905=cop,5    ;dump system variables
907=cop,7    ;Time out timer enable
908=cop,8    ;Time out timer disable
909=cop,9    ;Autopatch enable

910=cop,10   ;Autopatch disable
911=cop,11   ;Link enable
912=cop,12   ;Link disable
913=cop,13   ;Query System State
914=cop,14   ;Change System State
915=cop,15   ;Scheduler Enable
916=cop,16   ;Scheduler Disable
917=cop,17   ;User functions (time, id, etc) enable
918=cop,18   ;User functions (time, id, etc) disable
919=cop,19   ;Select alternate hang timer

920=cop,20   ;Select standard hang timer
921=cop,21   ;Enable Parrot Mode
922=cop,22   ;Disable Parrot Mode
923=cop,23   ;Birdbath (Current Parrot Cleanup/Flush)
924=cop,24   ;Flush all telemetry
925=cop,25   ;Query !!!!last node un-keyed!!!!
926=cop,26   ;Query all nodes keyed/unkeyed
927=cop,27   ;Reset DAQ minimum on a pin
928=cop,28   ;Reset DAQ maximum on a pin

930=cop,30   ;Recall Memory Setting in Attached Xcvr
931=cop,31   ;Channel Selector for Parallel Programmed Xcvr
933=cop,33   ;Local Telemetry Output Enable
934=cop,34   ;Local Telemetry Output Disable
935=cop,35   ;Local Telemetry Output on Demand
936=cop,36   ;Foreign Link Local Output Path Enable
937=cop,37   ;Foreign Link Local Output Path Disable
938=cop,38   ;Foreign Link Local Output Path Follows Local Telemetry
939=cop,39   ;Foreign Link Local Output Path on Demand

940=cop,40   ;IRLP announce Enable
941=cop,41   ;IRLP announce Disable
942=cop,42   ;Echolink announce node # only
943=cop,43   ;Echolink announce node Callsign only
944=cop,44   ;Echolink announce node # & Callsign
945=cop,45   ;Link Activity timer enable
946=cop,46   ;Link Activity timer disable
947=cop,47   ;Reset "Link Config Changed" Flag
948=cop,48   ;Send Page-Tone specs separated by ( )
949=cop,49   ;Disable incoming connections (control state NOICE)

950=cop,50   ;Enable incoming connections (control state NOICD)
951=cop,51   ;Enable sleep mode
952=cop,52   ;Disable sleep mode
953=cop,53   ;Wake up from sleep
954=cop,54   ;Go to sleep
955=cop,60   ;SEND MDC-1200 Burst
956=cop,56   ;Rx CTCSS Enable
957=cop,57   ;Rx CTCSS Disable
958=cop,58   ;Tx CTCSS On Input only Enable
959=cop,59   ;Tx CTCSS On Input only Disable

; 98 series up to local nodes

On Fri, Jan 5, 2018 at 3:31 AM, larry <larry at n7fm.com> wrote:

> Can some one point me to a listing of every available command defined that
> can used with Allstar.
> I am have a heck of a time trying to configure my nodes so everything is
> all the same commands on all my nodes..
> It seems whenever there is a different version other than the 1-5 ilink
> commands there is no standard numbering system between versions or
> platforms.
> Realizing that it is up to me to standardize my own system I am about to
> start from scratch eliminating all the jumble.
> It would certainly be helpful if there was a COMPLETE command list with
> explanations of their functions.
> Larry - N7FM
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Nathan Hardman
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