[App_rpt-users] Remote recevier not being voted (new setup)

Brian Perry brian at pagetexas.com
Fri Jan 5 16:00:30 EST 2018

I was told to try to direct this to Tim Sawyer.


I have a new system I have built. It is a repeater as the main site and a
remote receive-only site. The main site is working just fine. If you key up
a radio, it will key the repeater and repeat the audio. If you key up a
radio on the remote site, you will see indications on the RTCM that it is
receiving (and can verify using the 98 status option from the menu) but it
is not being selected as a vote site and will not cause the transmitter to
key up.


Both sites are logging into the host server and you can see both in the CLI
through the various debug levels, but there is never any indication in there
that the remote site is receiving and routing audio to the server. The main
repeater site shows all kinds of activity when you key a radio to it.


If Tim or anyone else has an idea, I am open to just about anything. I have
been working on this for weeks. 




Brian Perry

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