[App_rpt-users] Registration vs online question

Michael Wolthuis wolthuis at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 10:12:42 EST 2018

I am having this same problem for node #28241.  I have confirmed wget is present and that both of the statpost lines are in rpt.conf.
If I look at it at stats.allstarlink.org it says Can not find info for node 28241

Anyone have any further ways to test where this is broken?  This is an older pickle install on a Beagle-XM, next step is to replace with Steve's latest DIAL release.


´╗┐On 1/9/18, 6:56 PM, "App_rpt-users on behalf of Bryan D. Boyle" <app_rpt-users-bounces at lists.allstarlink.org on behalf of bdboyle at bdboyle.com> wrote:

    Duh.  I feel dumb.  You'd think after 9 years of running Allstar 
    nodes...I'd not miss something like this.
    Thanks, David.
    (now, have to figure out why it's auto congesting between a hardware 
    node and a hub node on the same Pi...both can connect out from same 
    hardware, but not to each other.  Not that it's a big deal, but...)
    On 1/9/2018 6:43 PM, David McGough wrote:
    > Hi Bryan,
    > Your AllStar nodes don't appear to be reporting and data to the stats
    > server. Make sure that all your node stanzas in the /etc/asterisk/rpt.conf
    > file include these statements:
    > statpost_program=/usr/bin/wget,-q,--timeout=15,--tries=1,--output-document=/dev/null
    > statpost_url=http://stats.allstarlink.org/uhandler.php
    > ...If you've already got these statements, make sure that the
    > /usr/bin/wget program is present and working.
    > 73, David KB4FXC
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