[App_rpt-users] Default login??

Pierre Martel petem001 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 09:43:52 EST 2018

High, Just installed dial that I downloaded last night from the allstrlink

Installed 64 bit version. all went well it found my network card without a
problem downloaded all it needed rebooted, never asked a question. then it
rebooted and now it ask for a login

I did try user debian password debian, did not work
try root password debian, still no go

Was there a change in the login?

I found that information from the faq pages of dial


Q: How do I login to DIAL?
A: You can login as user debian with a password of debian (normal user) or
loging as root with a password of debian (super user).

Anyone can help?

Pierre VE2PF
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