[App_rpt-users] Stats server update

Bryan Fields Bryan at bryanfields.net
Thu Jan 18 11:34:35 EST 2018

The Allstar Link admin team is pleased to announce the successful migration of
the stats server.

The old stats server was severely overloaded and has been migrated to a new
much faster, and better connected machine. We've added some speedups/fixes to
the code and have enabled the big network wide map now and is updated every 3

We bought a newer G7 HP DL360 server with 12 cores, 128 gb ram, and 880g of
15k SAS raid 50.  https://i.imgur.com/Lx6Ul8E.jpg

We've racked it at one of the premier east coast data centers, and running on
our own IP space.  Simply put, we should see much higher availability and have
power for adding new features.

http://stats.allstarlink.org/ is now at, and the old server is
at http://stats-old.allstarlink.org/

Check the old server, as there are still 13 nodes pointed at it.  If you see
one of your nodes in that list, this means you're not using DNS and have the
IP hardcoded in rpt.conf or /etc/hosts.  If you're showing up on the old
server check your config for this.

Bryan Fields

727-409-1194 - Voice

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