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Jeremy Utley jerutley at gmail.com
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I go one better, and run my own recursor/authoritative pair inside my network.  All my hosts point to a bind9 server on Ubuntu, which is authoritative for my internal domain name I use for all my machines.  Anything it's not authoritative for gets forwarded on to a PiHole VM, which acts as a nice ad filter.  If the PiHole doesn't have it cached, it asks Google's DNS servers for it.

Of course, my network is much more complex than most people will run - I have multiple 802.1Q vlans, a dedicated UBNT router box, and a dedicated PFSense firewall box.

Jeremy, NQ0M

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> holy crap, your dns server is messing with the ASL.org ttl
> 25932082 seconds is 7203 _hours_ or over 300 days!
> The TTL should be 300 seconds or less.

I can't tell you how many SOHO routers I've fought with that don't handle DNS TTL correctly and/or return some ridiculously long TTL to the workstation that made the query...which is why I never let those kind of routers handle DNS, I point right to a real server (typically Google, OpenDNS, or the ISP depending on the situation).

				--- Jeff WN3A

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