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Looks like a cool project, having said this I am saddened by the increase
in projects that are not publishing details for those that may want to
build their own instead of just pay for one.  Again, not trying to take
away from your work because it's definitely cool I just want to see more
open source projects!


On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 10:17 AM, iabarry Buel <iabarryyy at gmail.com> wrote:

> And now for something completely different*
> Announcing the AllStarLink Site Monitor (ASM)
> Today I’m announcing the availability of a new system for monitoring the
> health of repeater and remote sites. The system consists of:
>   * Arduino Nano based data acquisition with both hardware and software,
>     and
>   * RaspberryPi based software which interfaces with AllStarLink (on an
>     existing or new node).
> Features of the system include sensing:
>   * ·Voltages(4x 0-19.8VDC)
>   * ·Temperature
>   * ·Discrete inputs (4x open/gnd)
>   * ·Discrete outputs (4x open/gnd)
> Access to these features can be via:
>   * ·SSH to your RPi or
>   * ·DTMF commands over-the-air.
> Either access method will trigger a response in voice over-the-air.
> The response can be played either locally or globally (set in config
> file). The voltages are played with voice labels like “solar output”,
> “battery” or make your own with TTS. Inputs status labels like “door
> open” make immediate sense to the operator. The asm.conf file contains
> pointers to the .gsm files.
> A separate web forum has been established as I’ve no intention of
> hijacking the existing list for Site Monitor questions.https://groups.io/g/ASLSiteMon    Some files are already there, including
> photos and a User’s Manual (currently a 350K PDF that needs more work).
> This is the same web site used for Simon’s SDR list. Please post your
> questions there.
> Also see: https://sites.google.com/site/radiofarmprojects/home/asl-site-monitor
> has pix and ordering info.
> The Plan
> A limited number of kits will be available in this first build (~30 kits
> after Jan 23). All SMD devices are assembled on a new Pick-n-Place
> machine and oven soldered. Through-hole connectors are NOT installed. A
> limited number of Nano boards and USB cables are available. In the
> future a completely assembled unit *MAY* be offered. As I’m still
> working on this and other projects, I’m unable to devote the effort to
> being a parts distributor and hand soldering tech. Your understanding is
> appreciated. Feedback from the first batch of boards will influence the
> incremental design of a follow-up. In fact, several good suggestions
> have already been received from beta testers.  In 4-6 weeks, kits will
> be available from stock.
> Kits are reasonably priced as this need not be a huge commercial
> success. Consider that proceeds fund future development, new projects
> and support our local club station.
> Software for both the RPi and the Nano will be made available for
> non-commercial use. It is my hope that users will want to add features
> and enhancements. Surely other well qualified folks will be interested
> in developing the code further. Experienced and interested C coders,
> please contact me if you can assist.
> It is my sincere hope this proves valuable to the ASL community.
> Barry w0iy
> *bonus points if you didn’t have to google it
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