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Jeff Lehman kc8qch at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 19:05:06 EST 2018

So since I am on a roll today, here's another to Chew on.

I have Incredible PBX setup on a Pi here. I use it (at least till Google
shut off the GVSIP service today) for my home phone as well as Allstar and
Hamshack Hotline (See hamshackhotline.com for more info).

I want to make one of my allstar nodes dial out through my
PBX.....Incredible PBX is based on FreePBX and Asterisk sooo...

I have calling from the PBX to ASL working fine. I can dial an extension
from any of my phones and it connects to my ASL nodes.

I am stumped on From ASL to PBX. Here is what I have done.....

I followed the Directions on this page:

So first I went into Rpt.conf and set those settings. I used "pstn-out"for
the context in Rpt.conf for the autopatch. Next I went into extensions.conf
and set the following in pstn-out:

exten => _XXX,1,Dial,SIP/pbx-autopatch/${Exten}
exten => _XXX,2, congestion

Note that XXX is for internal extensions. I use 3 digit extensions
internally for phones. Next I went to sip.conf and set up the following

username=<the username for the extension i want it to dial out on>
host=<internal IP address for the PBX with port number>

When I dial *61 + internal extension (203 for example) it waits a few
seconds then gives me fast busy

When I watch on the asterisk CLI it tries to connect is not able to connect
and at one point says "no such host: pbx-autopatch"

(I would paste the log but I am not home to be able to copy and paste)

Any initial thoughts? I've been playing with asterisk/freePBX/allstar for a
little over a year now and I am confident with it, but this one has me
stumped now...And it's tough to find documentation on this. or I am other
thinking this and not able to wrap my head around it.

Thanks much for letting me ramble.


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