[App_rpt-users] Raspberry Pi voltage

Len Griffin lengriff at optimum.net
Thu Aug 1 12:41:59 UTC 2019

We've had some intermittent problems with Asterisk shutting down at our
K2ETS remote site, and I've discovered something important. The Raspberry Pi
MINUMUM operating voltage is 4.8v. The USB cable you use to power it is
CRITICAL. To check,  I used a USB cable which I cut and stripped, and
measured across the red and black conductors. I plugged this into a USB port
on the Pi. I checked 4 cables on a Pi running with one URI connected, and
got 4 DIFFERENT Pi voltages. The lowest reading was 4.5 volts on 2 cables!
One read 4.7 volts. Finally, the fourth one read 4.92 volts. These cables
are not rated for current, so you must check them!

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