[App_rpt-users] New person questions

Marshall Oldham ke6pcv at cal-net.org
Thu Aug 1 18:38:10 UTC 2019


Welcome to Allstarlink. Since no one has responded to your questions I will do my best to
Anyone is free to jump in an add to my response. Se my comments to your questions. 

>I am new to AllStarLink.
>It looks like there is not much documentation for a beginner.

Have you looked at the wiki? https://wiki.allstarlink.org Lots of good information there.

>After I loaded the Asterisk image, I did what I always do when I load a 
>new distribution.
>sudo apt-get update
>sudo apt-get upgrade
>it took forever to get all the updates to my Raspberry Pi.

Yes, and that is fine. It is updating any installed software to the latest version, but not
app_rpt / Asterisk / DAHDI

>Now I am wondering if that was the right thing to do. 

Yes, it was! :)

>I peaked over to 
>the development page and saw there were no updates to the code since 
>November. And not much before that in 2018 and 2017. Should I not update 
>and upgrade?
As you can see, not much has been done since 2017/2018. 
There are a few folks working quietly and slowly behind the scenes. 
Since app_rpt is an open source we can always use more folks to help out and contribute. 
Especially if you know how! :)  

>Is there any development going on?

Yes, more details to come sooner than later!

>Will it only work on the old version of Raspbian and not the newest 
>versions and files?
This has been tested however we have chosen to stay with a stable LTS kernel at this time.

>Is there a wish list of things to fix/upgrade?

Yes and in progress.

>Is anyone working to make it run on a Raspberry Pi 4?

The current image should run on a Pi4.

>Am I asking the wrong questions? Nope, never. I hope this information helps. 


Marshall - ke6pcv

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