[App_rpt-users] Debian 8 ( DIAL) vs Debian 9 ( ASL )

Len Griffin lengriff at optimum.net
Tue Aug 6 16:59:01 UTC 2019

After experiencing a recent problem at our site, I've done some
experimentation. We are currently running Debian8 ( DIAL ), or ' RAT_C1 ',
from 2017. I started with 2 blank 4Gig SD cards, and installed each version.
If this system is booted on ' Rat_C1' WITHOUT Ethernet, Asterisk will NOT
start, and there is NO URI connection. Plugging in the Ethernet cable starts
Asterisk, and a good URI connection is established. After that, the Ethernet
can be removed, and Asterisk will continue to run. The current Debian 9 (
ASL ) does not exhibit this property. I will be changing over to ASL ASAP!

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