[App_rpt-users] Setup Problems

Jim Korenz n8pxw at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 14 14:33:18 UTC 2019

  OK, I've been having problems with setting AllStar. I had a workinglink till it died about a month ago. I replaced the PI and SD cardand started a new install. I've run into multiple problems on the way.In the setup script, I didn't notice that the demo node no. 19999didn't erase as I typed my node no. 28674. After setup,it wouldn'tlogin to the Allstar server. I checked the config files and foundthe node no was 1999928674. OK, now rerun the setup script.Still no luck. On further examination, the node no was now28767428674. OK, reburn the SD card and start over.Now we get to the setup screen for the network. I selectstatic IP. I enter my IP Now the netmask, ERROR, bad entry. Now instead oflooping back and asking again, the setup exits the networksetup screen. Worse yet, reruning the asl-menu doesn'tenter the network setup screen. Reburn the SD card and 
try again. Next time try netmask of,no go. Reburn SD try again. This time try ,yea, this works, but afterwards Allstar doesn't because192.168.0.100 can't be reached with this mask. OK, I 
finally manually edit the dhcpcd.conf file and get theinternet access working and am logged into theAllstar server. I've setup the EchoLink also.The last problem is no one can connect to theEchoLink node. I would like someone to testthe Allstar link and the Echolink node, 745361.Also, I had to use the alternate AllStar port of 4566since I have AT&T and they blocked 4569.Any help would be appreciated.   JimK  N8PXW
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