[App_rpt-users] trying it again.. it doesn't work.. $#&^!!

Jim Hertel n6kmr at frontiernet.net
Sun Aug 18 17:28:10 UTC 2019

Ports are open... 4560-4590 udp, port 4569 udp

5198 - 5199 ( I know it's for echolink) but not going to set it up yet

node 47379.. listed to my call sign (n6kmr)

registered it all looks fine etc.. pass code etc

info I have gotten from others...

1) Your port forwarding on your router is not setup correctly.

2) Your network settings on your node are not entered correctly.

3) When setting up your node, you may have not entered your correct node 

Check out those 3 things and let us know if you have any luck."" (I do 
believe I have them correct)


Not familiar with your set up.  I do know that you have to open port 
4569 or what ever you did when you did the node setup, but that is the 
default and needs to be Port Forward UDP to start with.  If that isn't 
done, no one can connect to you.

Well I do want to thank all that has helped so far, but I need to send 
this to some one.. because this is well to mind boggling. And I am sure 
this is easy to some but the HELP files SUCK, I need to learn this but 
having time and barely a week end to work on this is very frustrating..

This is what I have so far:

node 47379

Running a Pi 3,

using a URIx-B, green light is on  (with proper cables)

with a kenwood  tm-g707

I have updated the PI.. and asterick from the ASL window,

I could send everything to someone who would help then tell me what I 
did wrong, OR sign in remotely? Send for HELP or go for more beer! I 
guess a step by step process is what is needed... any takers..

Jim n6kmr

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