[App_rpt-users] ASL menu bug when changing USB type

Lu V luvencl8 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 20:47:10 EST 2019

Hello, I tried  my first raspberry pie and when I installed from ASL menu, I selected accidentally simple USB instead of radio USB. I went back into the menu and tried to change the drivers to radio USB but it looks like it is not modifying properly? 
I did find in modules.CONF where it was still loading simple USB. I made the appropriate changes (no load in front of sinple usb and load in front of usb radio  but I still cannot run radio-tune-menu. 
Just wanted to point it out because I think it might be a bug. Has anyone else experienced this?
Any tips on how to get this going before I start from scratch?

Lu Vencl

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