[App_rpt-users] Questions about ASL capabilities when internet is down

Jean-Michel Vien - VA2XJM va2xjm at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 19:23:56 EST 2019

Hi everyone,

I guess those questions has been asked before, but I found no efficient
way to search past posts from the mailing list (and I must admit I
prefer forums over a mailing list that I usually avoid).

So we are a small group wishing to deploy an amateur network of analog
and fusion repeater along with other features like phonepatch. I play
with AREDN at the moment and we plan to use that to inter-connect our
sites over a 5Ghz WISP network (kind of like wifi). It allows us to
bring internet to each site and open up a lots of possibility (VoIP
network, network camera, remote access to control devices, emails... all
that over a single link).

I actually know nothing about Asterisk/ASL. I just downloaded ASL, I
plan to start reading docs as soon as the baby goes to nap (and I feels
he won't go to nap until mama gets back...) and I will start playing
with ASL soon after.

So far I know we can use internet to connect to other networks (just
like Fusion Wires-X), but my main concern is what happen when internet
goes down (it is a problem over here). So here is a list of questions:

 1. Can we manage our network without connecting to ASL servers ? Let's
    say without any internet network, all our repeaters needs to stay
 2. Is there a way to have redundant link between the HUB and RPTs ? All
    RPTs would be normally connected to the HUB server, but if the HUB
    goes down or one node can't connect to it, it would try to connect
    to other nodes to remain inside the network.
 3. Does one needs to manage links manually or a "link" / "unlink"
    switch can be used ? Ex: *1 : connect/disconnect the RPT to/from the
    network (trying to connect to HUB first, then to other nodes until
    it can reach one) or a user needs to try each links manually using DTMF.
 4. For the phone patch I am thinking about using an LTE phone interface
    that we can connect any regular analog phone to it. What kind of
    interface would be needed for it to work ? We prefer this LTE
    interface over VoIP services simply because the cellphone network is
    way more reliable than internet.

If you have any good links to projects similar to what we look for, just
send them.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Jean-Michel Vien - VA2XJM
VA2XJM at gmail.com

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