[App_rpt-users] Questions about ASL capabilities when internet is down

Bryan Fields Bryan at bryanfields.net
Wed Feb 6 19:32:40 EST 2019

On 2/6/19 2:23 PM, Jean-Michel Vien - VA2XJM wrote:
> So we are a small group wishing to deploy an amateur network of analog
> and fusion repeater along with other features like phonepatch. I play
> with AREDN at the moment

ARDEN is not deterministic, and voip will be a crap shoot on it. Dedicated
links with QoS are needed.

> So far I know we can use internet to connect to other networks (just
> like Fusion Wires-X), but my main concern is what happen when internet
> goes down (it is a problem over here). So here is a list of questions:
>  1. Can we manage our network without connecting to ASL servers ? Let's
>     say without any internet network, all our repeaters needs to stay
>     linked.

There is no requirement to have your nodes talk to AllStar Link.  Asterisk and
app_rpt are completely independent for private nodes (beginning with 1xxxx).
The HUB could be a public node if you wanted too.

>  2. Is there a way to have redundant link between the HUB and RPTs ? All
>     RPTs would be normally connected to the HUB server, but if the HUB
>     goes down or one node can't connect to it, it would try to connect
>     to other nodes to remain inside the network.

You can do a permanent link where if the system goes down it will try to
reconnect.  You can setup a script to try reconnecting too if you want.

>  3. Does one needs to manage links manually or a "link" / "unlink"
>     switch can be used ? Ex: *1 : connect/disconnect the RPT to/from the
>     network (trying to connect to HUB first, then to other nodes until
>     it can reach one) or a user needs to try each links manually using DTMF.

It will connect to the hub, and then bridge to the other nodes.

>  4. For the phone patch I am thinking about using an LTE phone interface
>     that we can connect any regular analog phone to it. What kind of
>     interface would be needed for it to work ? We prefer this LTE
>     interface over VoIP services simply because the cellphone network is
>     way more reliable than internet.

Most people use SIP.  There are SIP interfaces to LTE/GSM which would work.

Bryan Fields

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