[App_rpt-users] Questions about ASL capabilities when internet is down

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On Wed, Feb 6, 2019 at 12:24 PM Jean-Michel Vien - VA2XJM <va2xjm at gmail.com>

> Hi everyone,
> I guess those questions has been asked before, but I found no efficient
> way to search past posts from the mailing list (and I must admit I prefer
> forums over a mailing list that I usually avoid).
> So we are a small group wishing to deploy an amateur network of analog and
> fusion repeater along with other features like phonepatch. I play with
> AREDN at the moment and we plan to use that to inter-connect our sites over
> a 5Ghz WISP network (kind of like wifi). It allows us to bring internet to
> each site and open up a lots of possibility (VoIP network, network camera,
> remote access to control devices, emails... all that over a single link).
> I actually know nothing about Asterisk/ASL. I just downloaded ASL, I plan
> to start reading docs as soon as the baby goes to nap (and I feels he won't
> go to nap until mama gets back...) and I will start playing with ASL soon
> after.
> So far I know we can use internet to connect to other networks (just like
> Fusion Wires-X), but my main concern is what happen when internet goes down
> (it is a problem over here). So here is a list of questions:
>    1. Can we manage our network without connecting to ASL servers ? Let's
>    say without any internet network, all our repeaters needs to stay linked.
> ASLs only requirement is that you have IP connectivity to whichever
node(s) connect to one another, the internet has nothing to do with it...
We run a private Analog repeater network of 15+ repeaters all across a
private microwave network built out for just this purpose.

>    1. Is there a way to have redundant link between the HUB and RPTs ?
>    All RPTs would be normally connected to the HUB server, but if the HUB goes
>    down or one node can't connect to it, it would try to connect to other
>    nodes to remain inside the network.
> There are a number of ways to do this, from scripting on the hub/node(s)
themselves to building redundant networking (probably the better option)

>    1. Does one needs to manage links manually or a "link" / "unlink"
>    switch can be used ? Ex: *1 : connect/disconnect the RPT to/from the
>    network (trying to connect to HUB first, then to other nodes until it can
>    reach one) or a user needs to try each links manually using DTMF.
> Could be scripted on the node(s)/hub...  you can also define custom dtmf
commands to do custom things

>    1. For the phone patch I am thinking about using an LTE phone
>    interface that we can connect any regular analog phone to it. What kind of
>    interface would be needed for it to work ? We prefer this LTE interface
>    over VoIP services simply because the cellphone network is way more
>    reliable than internet.
> There are a number of ways to do this, the underlying system of ASL is
Asterisk - an open source PBX system that has enough extensibility to use
things like SIP, or hardlines with special hardware etc etc...

> If you have any good links to projects similar to what we look for, just
> send them.
> Thanks in advance for your help,
> --
> Jean-Michel Vien - VA2XJMVA2XJM at gmail.com
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