[App_rpt-users] ASL on Asterisk LTS

Benjamin Naber Benjamin at Project23D.com
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There are currently a number of reasons we are still using Asterisk

The Asterisk module that makes ASL possible is app_rpt. Dixion and his
contemporaries made chan_usbradio and chan_simpleusb which were written
for Asterisk 1.4 and 1.44. (maybe others??) These chan 'drivers' are
the HMI (human-machine-interface) to connect software to hardware for
analog signal handling/processing.

When all was working to the way Dixon wanted, he had absolutely no
reason to change this as he thought it was perfect. Him and I got into
many discussions about this, and we see now how it went..

The module app_rpt was discontinued in distribution by Digium, owner of
Asterisk, release is version 11... I think, maybe it was 1.8. I need to
find the source to verify that. Either way, Digium quit supporting and
shipping app_rpt with their asterisk source code some years ago. 

Jim Dixion and the creator of Asterisk and Mark Spencer, created
app_rpt for connecting radios to Mark's adolescent-stage creation, for
use of radios with a VoIP exchange system - making it RoIP.

No one has stepped up to the plate to "patch/fork/whatever" app_rpt to
the later versions of Asterisk.

This kinda needs to happen as the world makes a very slow, but
inevitable transition to IPv6. Which the current version of Asterisk we
are using does not support. (Sure there are work-arounds, but those are
getting complicated to make work *reliably*).

In the mean time, bleeding edge technology and software are filled with
new engineering problems - not stable.

The version we are using is stable, and secure - the weak link is the
un-educated user. (think: new and/or bad car driver)

Also consider this- most of us who have cars,trucks, boats are using a
technology well over 100 years old. The outside of the magical machine
has changed some, but in the end the fundamental operation of
controlled explosions turned into mechanical energy i.g, shaft power,
is the same.

If you have an electric car, the induction motor is the same principal
design that Tesla made.

So, here we stand. Who gonna do it? If someone is complaining about it,
but not willing to actually do something about it, that someone should
be quiet. 

Take it as you see it. Everyone is responsible for how they tune their
own receiver.

Benjamin, KB9LFZ

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Hi everyone,
I'm looking for a way to use Asterisk LTS or other new version for
ASL, is that possible?
Thanks in advance,
73 Marco IW0RED.

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