[App_rpt-users] GMRS linked Repeater network using HAMVoIP

Brad Trogdon Brad at trogdon.org
Sun Feb 17 21:35:07 EST 2019

Reviewing this thread I need to ask for clarification as it appears some
comments are ill informed or are seeding to "stir a pot".

*John Heron*:  "*Bad news of pirated software*"...   cannot find a prior
post or comment. What pirated software are you referring?  Who is using
pirated software and what are they doing that is in violation of any rule?
Lastly what rule are they in violation of?

*Kirk Just Kirk*:  "*GMRS is a shared Channel.  Users must monitor before
they transmit*".  If repeaters are linked then any and all traffic within
range of one repeater is heard and transmitted to all others which may be
networked.   In the event the stations are simplex or low power their is no
fault if a repeater user talks and is not able to hear the distant
station.  Your argument seems you believe GMRS Repeaters are illegal
themselves and not simply because they may be networked.  Simplex
communications is very short distance. Repeater communication itsself could
be over a hundred miles even without networking.  The FCC allocated eight
(8) repeater frequencies and if they are used correctly the unfortunate act
of a repeater transmitting over non repeater users is a fault of the user
not selecting one of the many other frequencies that are available to them.

*John Heron*: "*If its hooked to a telco its illegal*".  Is it known that
anything GMRS is connected to Telco?  If 10 Repeaters are networked and 1
of 10 is connected to telco provided internet I.e. DSL the infraction is on
the one (1) offender not the other nine (9) whom are not.  Other than
inspection of the physical connections how can one review or confirm that
telco connections exist?  Please point to the rule that defines one
offender results in all participants being in violation of a rule?

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful and courteous replies.

For transparency I own a wide coverage GMRS repeater that is 100% compliant
with the FCC rules. It has networking capabilities and Coverage of ~100
miles as it located at 4,000' in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.

-Brad Trogdon  W4INT / WQTG303
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