[App_rpt-users] Other networks using AllStar & app_rpt

Bryan Fields Bryan at bryanfields.net
Mon Feb 18 19:54:33 EST 2019

I've been asked about this by several people, and there are several different
issues at play here.

1. app_rpt/Asterisk (aka AllStar) can be used to link any repeaters you want.
 A group can setup another network if they want and use the software to link
their systems.  The GPL license permits this and provides for people using
software in any way they want.  This is the great freedom of open source, no
other amateur repeater linking project permits using their software like this.

2. Legalities of linking non-amateur repeaters are beyond the scope of this
list (IMO).

If you think it's legal to link your repeaters using app_rpt, have at it.
This is between you and the local regulatory authority.  This may be legal in
some areas and not in others.  While most are based in the US, we have users
all over the world where it may be legal in their jurisdiction.

If you distribute app_rpt/Asterisk/AllStar for this, you need to comply with
the license and make the source available.  If you base it on pirated
software, well then you're still on the hook to provide the source too.  As
you can't do this, you have no rights to distribute the software.

If you're building a private network grab ASL 1.01 or the source and roll your
own.  It's all GPL, change it to your needs and release the source, and you're
free to build your own network.  Post here if you do, we'd love to hear of it.

Bryan Fields

727-409-1194 - Voice

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