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Pierre Martel petem001 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 20:55:42 EST 2019

It is already done in Quebec. there is about 15 repeater linked to a
private network by VPN and all the repeater are running plain vanilla ASL.
The sysop of those repeater dont want inter connection to the outside and
it is perfectly fine like that.

They use fix IP adress in a class A to network and
the vpn take care of keeping this all linked even if the internet
connection change IP adress. They even have a script that download the
configuration files from an ftp server every night so if they want to add a
repeater they change the files in one place and they all get new files in
25 hours then when the change need to be live they send a reload command to
every repeater by a small script that connect by ssh then go into the
asterisk cli and issue the reload command.. Since they are all on a local
network an operator only need to connect to the vnp and he have access to
every repeater .

The server is a vps in a data center. it does not even have asterisk on it.

A few years ago there was a project to do a kind of parallel ASL for the
french community. but it never was done.


Le lun. 18 févr. 2019 à 14:54, Bryan Fields <Bryan at bryanfields.net> a
écrit :

> I've been asked about this by several people, and there are several
> different
> issues at play here.
> 1. app_rpt/Asterisk (aka AllStar) can be used to link any repeaters you
> want.
>  A group can setup another network if they want and use the software to
> link
> their systems.  The GPL license permits this and provides for people using
> software in any way they want.  This is the great freedom of open source,
> no
> other amateur repeater linking project permits using their software like
> this.
> 2. Legalities of linking non-amateur repeaters are beyond the scope of this
> list (IMO).
> If you think it's legal to link your repeaters using app_rpt, have at it.
> This is between you and the local regulatory authority.  This may be legal
> in
> some areas and not in others.  While most are based in the US, we have
> users
> all over the world where it may be legal in their jurisdiction.
> If you distribute app_rpt/Asterisk/AllStar for this, you need to comply
> with
> the license and make the source available.  If you base it on pirated
> software, well then you're still on the hook to provide the source too.  As
> you can't do this, you have no rights to distribute the software.
> If you're building a private network grab ASL 1.01 or the source and roll
> your
> own.  It's all GPL, change it to your needs and release the source, and
> you're
> free to build your own network.  Post here if you do, we'd love to hear of
> it.
> 73's
> --
> Bryan Fields
> 727-409-1194 - Voice
> http://bryanfields.net
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