[App_rpt-users] Unable to start a hub node using 'dahdi/pseudo' on a Pi 3 B

Ramesh Dhami Ramesh at va3uv.com
Sat Feb 23 20:28:11 EST 2019

Hi Folks:

I am trying to restart a hub node (on a Pi3B).  I am seeing the 
following errors when manually starting asterisk (asterisk -cvvvv):


[Feb 23 15:16:51] WARNING[1112]: app_rpt.c:22240 rpt_master: rpt_thread 
restarted on node 2200
[Feb 23 15:16:51] WARNING[1141]: chan_dahdi.c:928 dahdi_open: Unable to 
open '/dev/dahdi/pseudo': No such file or directory
[Feb 23 15:16:51] ERROR[1141]: chan_dahdi.c:7906 chandup: Unable to dup 
channel: No such file or directory
rpt:Sorry unable to obtain Rx channel
[Feb 23 15:16:53] ERROR[1112]: app_rpt.c:22223 rpt_master: Continual RPT 
thread restarts, killing Asterisk


I confess that I have recently installed Mirth Connect on the same Pi 
(this is the first reboot since doing so)....

Indeed there is no folder /dev/dahdi.

Any ideas how to recover?

OT:  If anyone is using Mirth for any HL7 / FHIR stuff, I am very 
interested in talking to you! ;)




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